Our Internet Rules

  • Children are only referred to by first names on our webpages.
  • Any images of children will not be labelled with their names.
  • Children and staff will never reveal their personal details, and home addresses & telephone numbers on the web or in dialogue with other Internet users.
  • All E-mail to classes will be moderated by the class teacher.
  • Children will not engage in conversation or dialogue with other users on the Internet without permission or supervision from their teacher/
  • All Internet access at Bamford Academy is filtered through a proxy server to screen undesirable sites at source

A Note to Parents:

The school recognises that, under certain circumstances, the Internet can give children access to undesirable information and images. We have done all that is possible to ensure children are protected from such information through the use of security software, limiting of features and the construction of an Intranet and Website that provide as safe an environment as possible. The children are taught to use the facility sensibly and with proper consideration for others.

It is recommended that parents using the Internet at home with children, develop a similar set of rules and invest in appropriate security software, e.g: Netnanny, Cyberpatrol or Surfwatch.