Parents and Schools

You can help the teacher make the best of your child’s time in school. The more interest you take the better chance of your child succeeding. Success can only be achieved when there is close and constant co-operation between a child’s home and school. The Principal and staff are always happy to discuss ways in which you can help your child.

We feel that parents and teachers should be working as partners towards the same end:-

“The best possible education for your child”.

We at Bamford like to involve our parents in the life of the school. There are many ways that we can do this:-

Newsletters are sent out on a regular basis informing parents of forthcoming events etc.

From time to time we hold Open Days and Workshops which you are most welcome and encouraged to attend, and many parents find time to help in classes, assist on trips or at functions. You may, of course, wish to be involved in the Parents and Friends Association where you will be made most welcome and your help will be much appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a Parent governor and you feel you would like to be nominated for this position, then you may follow the appropriate course as and when the elections occur

Our PFA – Parents and Friends Association

We have a Parents Association which meets once a month, and newcomers are always welcome. The Association works very hard to raise money for school and organise activities where parents, teachers and children can socialise. Some of PFA past events that have been held are;-

Parents verses Children Football and Rounders, Beauty Evening for ladies, Fashion Show, School discos for the children, Talent Night, Anglo Asian Evenings, Barbecues and a Craft Fair.

Parent, Teacher Meetings

Parent, Teacher Meetings are held once per term but this is not the only opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress. Every first Wednesday in the month we hold a ‘Drop in Sessions’ between 3.00pm and 3.30pm where parents can ‘drop in’ to see their child’s teacher. All the staff here at Bamford are happy to discuss you child’s progress at any other time. If you wish to see a member of staff it is advisable to telephone for an appointment first, as they may have other commitments, such as after school clubs.

Please, where possible, try to avoid first thing in the morning when teachers have a class and cannot therefore, give you the attention you require.

The Principal is also available on Parents Evenings and at other times, again please telephone for an appointment.

School Security

The school has endeavoured to ensure that it is a safe and secure environment for its children. You may find this rather inconvenient at times when access to school is difficult. Please do not think we are trying to keep you out, we are not, we are merely trying to keep your children safe.

All entrances into school will be shut at 8.45 am and after this time only the main entrance will be available for access. All entrances into school are fitted with security devices to control access but also allow for swift exit should the need arise (e.g. fire drills).

Please make sure that your child is collected on time, it can be very upsetting for a small child if he or she has to wait. Any child that has not been collected will be asked to wait at the main entrance under the supervision of the Principal, Deputy or class teacher. If a parent/carer is consistently late in collecting their child, the child/children will be placed in the After School Club and the parents will be invoiced accordingly.

All young children should, of course, be accompanied home, if there is a change of routine, please make sure that your child, and their teacher, are told of the change and knows the person picking him/her up. In the absence of any other instructions from parents, unaccompanied children are told that when they are dismissed in the afternoon they must go straight home and not play or visit friends’ houses. If you tell or give your child permission to go somewhere other than his/her own home, we should welcome a note to this effect.

If you bring your child to school by car, you are asked to comply with arrangements made by the various authorities. Safety considerations make it necessary to restrict parking in the school to staff. Please do not use the school grounds when collecting or dropping your child off to school.

If you collect your child by car please park on the SHOPPING PRECINCT car park. If possible please walk your child to school. Please do not park on Belgium Street or the surrounding areas, as often this causes inconvenience for the local residents who find access to their own properties difficult. Considerate parking could save a child’s life, whilst also showing consideration for local residents and pedestrian right of way.