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Year 2 – Ms O’Hara and Miss Sajid

Daily Personal Learning Resources

In our class, we use the following websites for children to work on personal targets in spelling and maths. Each child has their own unique login details which can be found in the school organiser.





Home Learning Tasks

During your reading this week, please try and identify adjectives in the sentences. (Words that describe the noun e.g. the ‘brown’ cow.) Discuss these words with your child and how it helps to add more detail to the story. Try to think of other adjectives that could be used in the same sentence. Choose three of your favourite adjectives and record them in your organiser (do this in the parent comment section).
We have had another fantastic week in class. Have a lovely weekend.
Miss Mayren and Miss O’Hara

Thank you to all you that completed last week’s home learning task. This really helps to consolidate learning in class.
This week’s home learning task:
Children need to practise spelling numbers up to ten in words (including zero). There is a list of these words in their organisers and these have also been set on Spelling Shed.
Children will be tested on these words next Friday (9th October).
Ideally, these need to be practiced for a few minutes every day to allow for consolidation and retained learning.
Thank you for your cooperation and hard work.
Ms Mayren and Miss O’Hara

Thank you as usual to all those that have worked hard practising spelling numbers to 20 over the last few weeks. Please feel free to continue to practise spelling these words to ensure that they are consolidated. We will keep revisiting throughout the year.
For this week’s homework, you’re child should bring home a Maths sheet of place value charts. This will show a number in pictoral form (tens and ones). They have to write the value of each digit in the boxes to complete the place value chart, then write what the whole number is in numeral form and then write that number in words. Please ensure that this is returned back to school before next Friday (23rd October).
There will be also be a link to these sheets on the class pages on the school website.
The children have also been given some more spellings to practise (multiples of ten). These will be set on Spelling shed and also a copy in your child’s organiser.
Thank you for your cooperation and hard work.
Ms Mayren and Miss O’Hara

Year 2 - WORKSHEETS - Place value charts

Remote Learning Resources

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