The Academy Board

The Academy Board

The Academy Board consists of members appointed or elected by various bodies and groups.

The Board meets every month and in addition, there are specific sub-committees to deal with Finance, staffing and curriculum and general purposes (buildings). There is also an admissions and appeals committee.

The Directors work with the Principal, staff and parents to ensure that the children receive the best education possible within a happy and secure environment.

The Board report on what has happened during the year and discuss any other matters concerning the school. Directors are also trustees of the charitable trust which governs the academy.

The Trustees are responsible for:-

  • The general conduct of the school.
  • Discipline in consultation with the Principal.
  • Overseeing the way the curriculum is taught in school.
  • Making decisions about other aspects of the curriculum such as Relationships and Sex Education and PSHE.
  • Deciding how the money allocated to run the school is spent, especially with reference to Sports funding and pupil premium funding.
  • Interviewing and appointing members of the teaching staff.
  • Making information available to parents.
  • Overseeing the Trust and planning for its growth and sustainability.

They act as a critical friend to the staff and whilst wanting the school to be at the top of any league tables of performance, it is more important that all children develop to their full potential and have fond memories of their time at Bamford.



  • Mr Adrian Powell – Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Mrs Jackie Kirby – Vice Chair of Trustees
  • Mr Steve Mitchell


  • Mr Adrian Powell – Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Mrs Jackie Kirby – Vice Chair of Trustees
  • Mrs Wendy Woodhead – community representative
  • Dr Shipra Srivastava – parent representative
  • Mrs Frances Wilkinson – parent representative
  • Mrs Saydia Iqbal Wajid – parent representative
  • Ms Lisa Matthews – Principal/Accounting Officer (ex officio)
  • Mrs Michele Lewis – Deputy Head, Staff Trustee

Non Trustee support for the board

  • CFO – Mr Garry Campbell
  • Mr P Leak – Curriculum & Data
  • Mr J Shepherd – SENCo

Term ended in the last 12 months

Mrs Jane Bowers – parent representative

Register of Business Interests

Bamford Academy Governance Disclosure 2021-22

Bamford Academy Governance Disclosure 2020-21


Academy Committees – Terms of Reference

terms of ref gov panels 2021-22