Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Ms L Matthews – Principal, Mrs M Lewis – Deputy Headteacher, Mr P Leak – Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Samantha Chorlton-Stansfield – School Business Manager

Unit 1 – Classes 1 (Chicks) and 2 (Ducklings)

Class 1 Chicks: Mrs S Ashworth – Teacher, Miss N Bourke – TA, Mrs K Aslam, Mrs T Shafi TA

Class 2 Ducklings: Miss N Dickson – Teacher, Miss A Daly – TA

Unit 2 – Classes 3 (Robins), 4 (Kingfishers) and 5 (Swans)

Class 3 Robins: Mrs J Doherty – Teacher,  Miss R Cavaleru – TA

Class 4 Kingfishers : Miss K Griffiths – Teacher, Mrs J Cahill – TA

Class 5 Swans: Miss L Mayren – Teacher, Mrs J Greenwood – TA, Mrs N Bi – TA

Unit 3 – Classes 6 (Falcons), 7 (Kestrels) and 8 (Hawks)

Class 6 Falcons: Miss C Darby – Teacher, Mr A Officer – Learning Mentor

Class 7 Kestrels: Mr P Shepherd – Teacher, Mrs C Baron – TA

Class 8 Hawks: Mr J Gomez – Teacher, Mrs M Firth – TA, Mrs C Bisson – TA

Unit 4 – Classes 9 (Woodpeckers), 10 (Owls) and 11 (Eagles)

Class 9 Woodpeckers: Mrs M Hunter, Mrs N Howorth – Teachers, Mrs L Chatterjea – TA

Class 10 Owls: Mr P Leak – Teacher, Mrs N Howorth

Class 11 Eagles:  Mrs R Nolan, Mrs G McCaffrey – TA, Mrs K Pine – TA

Designated Safeguarding Lead (KS1)/Community Liaison Officer – Ms R Roche

Designated Safeguarding Lead (KS2) Mrs M Lewis

Office Staff

Mrs S Chorlton-Stansfield – Business Manager
Mrs S Hegazy – Office Manager
Mrs M Watson – Office Administrator

Kitchen Staff

Mrs C Woolley – Catering Manager, Mrs S Hill – Catering Assistant

Miss S Perveen – Catering Assistant, Mrs S Plumb – Catering Assistant

Lunch Time Organisers

We have a number of staff that oversee our lunchtime play activities. Many of these staff also have other roles within school – such as classroom assistants or as playworkers in our Before and After School Club.

Mrs R Sajid – LTO,  Miss A Bashir – LTO, Miss Y Wood – LTO, Mrs S Parveen – Peacocks Playworker


Peacocks Leader – Mrs S Hegazy

Sports Leader – Mrs N Howorth

Site Manager – Mr F Fay